jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Egg and spon race

A fun team game for Easter celebrations, or any big party. An Egg and Spoon Race can be played as a relay, or alternatively with each player just running one length of the course on their own to determine a winner.

You'll Need
Spoons (two for each team)
Hard Boiled Eggs
Length of grass for the race
Markers/Flags for finish line

Divide the group into teams and establish a start and finish line.
The front runner in each team places the egg on the spoon and, when the starter says, "Go!", runs the length of the course and back and passes the egg to the next runner without dropping the egg. If the egg (or spoon) is dropped then that member of the team must restart their leg of the race.
The winning team is the quickest to have all members to complete the course.


Establish: establecer
Winning: ganancia
Length: longitud
Spoons: cucharas
Without: sin
Dropping: caída
Determine: determinar

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