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Easter eggs recipe


- 1 kg of good quality chocolate covering
- Royal icing to decorate
- Easter Egg molds or figures of Easter
- A fine bristle brush, 10cm wide for Easter eggs N | 20
- Confectionery, candy, lollipops and toys.

- Sugar icing (powder type)
- Hoses and nozzles, for final decoration easter egg

Easter Egg Preparation:

The molds should be wiped with a tissue paper, dry, or wash with warm water and soap and dry thoroughly, then finish going through a cleaning swab to completely withdraw the gauze still may have, and finally they passes a dry cotton. Each time you use the molds must be cleaned.

Molten chocolate
Chop 800 grams of chocolate covered in medium pieces. Use a container that serves to bring a water bath or can alternatively be melted in the microwave. This container is carried on another bath containing boiling water. Keep the fire well under to keep the chocolate thickens. We leave on the heat for 3 or 4 minutes, stirring constantly. Must reach a temperature between the range of 39 to 45 degrees. To test it using a spatula. Withdraws some chocolate and try pushing it a bit with the lower lip. If the chocolate hardens means that he is ready. Remove from heat and add remaining 200 grams reserved chocolate, stirring constantly until all is dissolved.

Dip the mold
Take the mold edges. Insert the brush into the chocolate and brushed into the mold at the center outwards to adhere well to the walls. Once covered, you hit a little on the table to seat more and stay brighter. Then bring the mold face up to the fridge for 10 minutes, keep in mind that it is necessary to cool completely the

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